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Week 2

Week 2

Week 2, day 1…it’s going to be a long week me thinks!

Classes are getting busier by the day, about 100 people practicing this morning with staggered start times.

I was behind my fellow Aussie who has much more awareness of the vinyasa practice. Lino has been her teacher for many years and she is privileged to be one of his assistants in the mysore class. Therefore I know that she is much more aware of how Lino teaches and her breath is much more structured to the practice. Mine is more of a dawdle and procrastination. So with her in front of me I decided that today would be focused more on my breath – much easier on the mind that way!

I haven’t spent much time on my intermediate practice in the past few months but I knew Lino was watching where I was up to with my practice. I was hoping I could sneak through my practice unnoticed, that there would be way too many new people for him to remember their names let alone observe their practice. How wrong I was!

Lino also has a slightly different way of teaching to other teachers I have spent time with in the past few years. With him full primary series is done each time as well as your intermediate practice – unless you have finished intermediate or are working on the Advanced A series.

So each time I do full primary series and then my intermediate practice which I would call slightly shabby at the moment. It’s hot, and you’re dripping with sweat but when you can get yourself on that roll with the breath the lightness kicks in as does the energy and it flows and you breathe. Dwi pada sirsasana was as far as I decided to go today…I do need to reserve some energy for the rest of the week as it is day 1. However in this heat the body has little resistance and a normally intense posture for me was open. Oh I love this heat!

As I was leaving class Lino asks me if I have finished intermediate – meaning, do I normally practice the full intermediate series. I didn’t want him to know as I was hoping to go at my own pace. Ha! Yes, I do full intermediate but his standards are probably higher than what I have been doing this past year. However, I am grateful for his attention as I have been looking for a teacher the past few years.
It’s also inspiring as there are practitioners here that are in their 50’s and 60’s and as I set up my mat this morning one practitioner who is probably over 50 had one leg behind her head as she stood on the other – Durvasana, part of the Advanced A sequence – that was inspiring to see – and it just goes to show that age is irrelevant on the mat and that yoga is for everyone.

Kovalam is getting much more busy, holiday makers from Europe, holiday makers from other parts of India, yogi’s from around the world converging in this small seaside town, partly for the Xmas holidays and others to practice with Lino. We counted 15 different nationalities practicing in the Shala currently. It’s busy, it’s hot, but practice, coconuts, and breath remind me that this is something I love, my practice is my passion and what would life be to live without passion?

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