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It’s still week 2 of my sojourn to sunny India for the experience of practicing with senior ashtanga yoga teacher, Lino Miele.

I realised earlier in the week that I wasn’t here to travel around India, see & do as much as I could as well as practice and then return to my life back home. I realised that to be practicing with as much intent and energy as we have been for the past 2 weeks meant that I was also going to have to learn the art of rest. Quite a realisation for a vata type hoping I could cram in some sight seeing and travel.

A few times this week after an energetic 2 hour practice with 80 odd other bodies and the heat and sweat I realised that the rest of the day would be spent either horizontal on my bed or horizontal on the beach or still testing the culinary delights of Kovalam.

Resting & recuperation & relaxation has also been a big part of the week to make sure that I had enough energy for the rest of the week.

At the end of my practice this morning Lino asked me if I was doing Adho Mukha Vrksasana (handstand) to finish off my backbend sequence. I inquired if he was going to catch me as we are 3 storeys up and there are no walls and if I flick flacked well enough I could actually manage to fling myself over the balustrade and out of the shala…he said that they hadn’t lost anyone as of yet!

It’s magic here – the heat, the people, the atmosphere, the intention of everyone being here to practice – people from all over the world. The body is softer and more open, the adjustments are cranking up and getting stronger as the assistants get to know your body and practice more, and the strength and inspiration keep coming. The joy of having a regular practice has only been strengthened.


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