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Newcastle Yoga Space welcomes women who are pregnant to all our Beginner Yoga Classes.  The poses are modified to suit pregnancy & no previous yoga experience is required.

Pregnancy Yoga is often recommended by midwives and obstetricians due to the many benefits it can bring. Whether you intend to give birth at the Birth Centre, home or hospital, yoga during pregnancy is a great preparation for body, mind and spirit.

Antenatal yoga classes are fun, informative, relaxing and interactive aimed at not only preparing the physical body, but also by helping you to release fears or anxiety about birth and approach it feeling empowered and positive. The Beginner Yoga Classes are suitable for all pregnant women but all your pregnancy needs are catered to in the classes and there are plenty of pregnant women attending.

Lisa is specifically trained in pregnancy yoga and has taught many women in the past few years.

“My knowledge of yoga combined with my experience teaching pregnant women enables me to work deeply with women during this wonderful time. I have been teaching pregnancy, prenatal yoga classes in Newcastle  since 2011.”

Contact Lisa by phone to discuss your pregnancy or turn up to any class in Newcastle 

What to expect from a class

  • Practice physical postures to strengthen the body and increase stamina.
  • Work with common physical ailments of pregnancy such as backache and sciatica.
  • Learn and practice various meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques that will leave you feeling relaxed and energised but are also tools that can be used during labour.
  • Learn a variety of simple ways of consciously using your breath to stay calm, increase oxygen to you and your baby, cope with contractions and reduce stress.
  • Let go of your fears and focus on the positive aspects of labour and birth.


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