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My first trip to India and how wonderful to be here to practice ashtanga yoga with the wonderful Lino Miele.

Planes, trains and automobiles it took us to arrive and my first taste of India was Bangalore airport which could have been any airport really. Arriving in Trivandrum, Kerala after midnight was the start of a magical journey.

I am lucky to have been initiated into the country through a fellow ashtanga yogini who was on her 9th trip to practice in Kovalam. Year after year she has returned and after a few days I can understand why.

It seems to be a country that you either fall in love with or would prefer never to step foot in again. I have fallen in love. The people, the food, the colour, the spirit of the place calls the yogi.

Today was day 4 of practice. Hot and sweaty we’re moving through our practice. I thought that the practitioner next to me was throwing her sweat on me until I realised there was a steady trickle of condensation running along the ceiling and falling on our mats.

Fellow students from across the globe are still arriving. I think we started off as a group of 60 which is slowly growing to 100 over this next 8 week period. Forget personal space on your mat, just don’t forget the breath! The heat allows for more bend than normal, oh heat I love you for the openness we can have.

It’s a new moon tomorrow so practice is optional, I may take rest and practice pranayama instead.

How blessed it is to be here, the craziness of it all…a bus trip into Trivandrum yesterday was quite an experience. Glad to have arrived in town after witnessing many near misses between bus and rickshaw/person/car. We ate traditional fare served on a banana leaf, ate with our right hand as food was continually served until we were sated. Until next time…when the stars are aligned, the internet is working, the power is not off…Namaste

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