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Newcastle Yoga Space is located at 31 Throsby Street, Wickham 2293.

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning union – the joining of our physical body, mind and spiritual consciousness.

Yoga is a wonderful combination of these opposite energies which include stretches to release tension, postures to align the body & enhance energy flow, breathing techniques to further promote the energy flow of the body & relaxation to settle the nervous system & calm the mind.

In class we work through physical postures combined with a focus on the breath to create a strong and flexible body, improve immune system function and reduce stress. Each class caters to all levels of physical fitness and abilities from beginners to advanced as you are guided through a series of postures. Classes are always fun and challenging and you will always be glad that you made the effort to get to class.

Lisa’s teaching style is traditional with a focus on building strength and flexibility. With more than 10 years teaching experience Lisa has worked with many different people and is highly experienced in creating classes to suit each individual.

At Newcastle Yoga Space we pride ourselves in offering traditional yoga to everyone regardless of age or physical ability.


In a general yoga class we work through a sequence of postures with a focus on breath. Beginners to advanced are catered to.

Bookings are essential for the Beginner Yoga Classes, casual attendance is welcome at all other classes.

Classes are held at Yoga Newcastle

Lisa is also available for private classes and one on one tuition.

Did You Know...?

Yoga can help with many conditions that are commonly found in our modern lifestyles, such as:

Stress Relief, Relaxation, Reducing Anxiety, Backaches and Pains, RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Digestive Problems, Boosting Immune System, Losing Weight and more

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