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Eventful Occurrences

Eventful Occurrences

Today is the day of the new moon and in Ashtanga yoga we call this a moon day so there was no official practice this morning although if you wished to practice or do pranayama the choice was yours and the teachers were there.

I woke up feeling fairly tired and not keen to throw myself across the mat this morning, partly because of the ghee content of yesterday’s delicious spinach curry and lack of sleep.

My travel partner had been under the weather since we arrived in Kovalam but already had a virus before she left. Deciding to use the ocean for your jala neti is apparently not a good idea if you are slightly under the weather and had led to a painful ear infection. Off to the Ayurvedic doctor and then off to the medical doctor for antibiotics. She had had a long and tiring day and was finally getting some sleep without pain.

At 2.45am I was awoken to her loud cries for the hotel caretaker. She had been aware of someone leaning over her while she slept and then going into her bathroom. She reached for her torch and found a boy in her room obviously looking for something quick to take with him. He didn’t stay and ran back out of the room, over the balcony and across the roof into the darkness.

A few doors away I wasn’t sure if she had been attacked by a monkey or something else. She is now making sure that balcony doors are closed at night. It didn’t lead to a restful night though not already taking into account the heat and mozzie invasion making it hard to get a good rest anyway.

This evening we are practicing pranayama with Lino and hopefully getting some rest 🙂

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