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It's still week 2 of my sojourn to sunny India for the experience of practicing with senior ashtanga yoga teacher, Lino Miele. I realised earlier in the week that I wasn't here to travel around India, see & do as…

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Week 2

Week 2, day's going to be a long week me thinks! Classes are getting busier by the day, about 100 people practicing this morning with staggered start times. I was behind my fellow Aussie who has much more awareness…

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Friday On My Mind

I have been in India for a week. ┬áIn that time I have consumed 7 fresh coconuts, juice and flesh - eaten about 5 kilos of rice - sweated about 10 buckets of sweat - not sure how many chai's…

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Eventful Occurrences

Today is the day of the new moon and in Ashtanga yoga we call this a moon day so there was no official practice this morning although if you wished to practice or do pranayama the choice was yours and…

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My first trip to India and how wonderful to be here to practice ashtanga yoga with the wonderful Lino Miele. Planes, trains and automobiles it took us to arrive and my first taste of India was Bangalore airport which could…

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